Published On:June 13 2024
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"Taylormade Renewables Ltd Successfully Completes Trial Run at Coca-Cola and SABIC Facilities"

Taylormade Renewables Limited (TRL) has achieved significant milestones with successful trial runs at Coca-Cola and SABIC facilities, demonstrating its advanced wastewater treatment technologies.

At Coca-Cola, TRL focused on treating challenging streams including the Best Before Date (BBD) Maaza Stream, BBD other beverages Stream, and RO Reject Stream. These streams posed unique challenges due to their characteristics and stringent regulatory requirements. TRL utilized its patented RAIN technology pilot plant for the trials, which proved highly effective in treating BBD wastewater and RO reject water to surpass expected quality standards. The treated water, now clear and of high quality, is suitable for reuse within Coca-Cola's operations, promoting sustainable water management practices and reducing overall water consumption.

The successful trials have not only addressed Coca-Cola's specific wastewater treatment needs but have also opened significant opportunities for TRL in the beverage industry. The patented RAIN technology is poised to generate additional revenue for TRL, with anticipated growth in its sector presence.

Similarly, TRL conducted pilot trials at SABIC's Phenol Plant for treating salty wastewater and caustic streams, achieving excellent results in treating various constituents in the final condensate.

"In both cases, there is no existing global solution for effluent treatment comparable to TRL's RAIN patented technology," stated a spokesperson for TRL. "The unmatched success of these trials has initiated commercial-level discussions with Coca-Cola and SABIC, laying the groundwork for potential work orders across their facilities."

TRL looks forward to further expanding its collaboration with Coca-Cola and SABIC, anticipating future work orders that will consolidate its position as a leader in innovative wastewater treatment solutions.


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