Published On:March 5 2024
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PM Narendra Modi Unveils Development Projects Worth Over ₹56,000 Crore in Telangana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated, dedicated to the nation, and laid the foundation stone for multiple developmental projects related to the power, rail, and road sectors, collectively valued at more than ₹56,000 crore. The unveiling took place at an official function in Adilabad, Telangana.

Addressing the audience, the Prime Minister highlighted Adilabad's pivotal role in witnessing developmental projects not only for Telangana but also for the entire nation. Over 30 projects, with a cumulative worth exceeding ₹56,000 crore, were either dedicated to the nation or had their foundation stones laid during the event.

Emphasizing the collaborative efforts between the Centre and the State, Modi underscored the government's commitment to supporting Telangana's progress.

Among the projects inaugurated was the 800 MW capacity NTPC Unit 2, aimed at enhancing Telangana's electricity generation capacity. Additionally, the completion of the electrification of the Ambari-Adilabad-Pimpalkhuti rail lines and the initiation of two major National Highway projects in Adilabad, Bela, and Mulugu were highlighted.

Modi reiterated the importance of state-led development for the nation's growth trajectory, stressing that a robust economy fosters trust and attracts investments, benefiting both the country and its states.

Taking a political stance, the Prime Minister emphasized that development should prioritize the upliftment of the most vulnerable sections of society, including the Dalits, tribals, and marginalized communities.

The event saw the inauguration, dedication, and foundation stone laying of several key projects across various sectors, including power, renewable energy, rail, and road infrastructure. Notable projects included the launch of solar power projects, hydroelectric power stations, and significant highway developments connecting Telangana with neighboring states.

In addition to the power sector initiatives, significant strides were made in road and rail infrastructure, with the electrification of rail lines and the initiation of major highway projects aimed at enhancing connectivity within the region and beyond.


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