Published On:November 28 2023
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"Uttar Pradesh Government Establishes 5,000 Km Road Network Under Chief Minister Yogi"

In a concerted effort to bolster infrastructure and enhance connectivity in Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi government has undertaken a comprehensive initiative over the past six and a half years. The focus has been on widening, strengthening, and reconstructing roads across various kilometers throughout the state.

During this period, the government has successfully established a network of roads spanning over 5,000 kilometers, allocating a substantial amount of approximately Rs. 9,000 crores to complete the roadworks.

Upon assuming office in 2017, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed the Public Works Department (PWD) to prioritize strengthening connectivity within the state. The government specifically instructed the PWD to connect 26 tehsil headquarters and 153 block headquarters with two-lane roads, allocating Rs. 2,653 crore for works on 1,617 kilometers of roads.

The PWD has made significant progress, connecting 26 tehsil headquarters and 131 block headquarters with two lanes. The ongoing efforts aim to swiftly connect the remaining 22 block headquarters with two lanes. Notably, several block headquarters have achieved significant milestones in the completion of their respective projects.

Furthermore, the PWD has proposed Rs. 174 crore for a 48-kilometer road to connect the remaining one tehsil and 10 block headquarters with two lanes.

For the development of routes passing through 25 cities along the international/interstate border, 94 routes have been approved, with Rs. 2,171 crore allocated for the development of 1,126 kilometers of roads on these routes. A considerable portion of this work has been completed, and the ongoing projects demonstrate substantial progress.

A total of 1,928 works were approved to connect villages with a population of more than 250 to the main road (a distance of less than 0.5 kilometers), with a fund allocation of Rs. 1,679 crore for works on 2,107 kilometers of road. Over 500 works have already been completed, and proposals are in place to connect an additional 1,087 unconnected villages to the main road.

Similarly, 1,074 works have been identified for the reconstruction and strengthening of roads in the sugar mill areas of the state, with a proposal of Rs. 384 crore for 1,127 kilometers of roads.

In the second phase, Rs. 200 crore will be invested in 626 routes. Approval has been granted for widening, strengthening, and constructing roads for industrial and logistic parks, with ongoing work on a 9.6-kilometer road with a budget of Rs. 139 crore.

The PWD has received a proposal of Rs. 1,922 crores from the Department of Industrial Development for 21 works related to industrial development. Additionally, under the 'Dharmarth' project, 36 works for the widening, strengthening, and construction of roads have been approved, with work underway on a 174-kilometer road with a budget of Rs. 2,316 crores.


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