Published On:May 23 2018
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Electric scooter-maker Ather Energy sets up charging points in Bengaluru; open to all EVs

Ether Energy announced the launch of AtherGrid, the company’s charging infrastructure for all electric vehicles (EVs), and Ather Space, a 2,400 sq ft experience centre in Bengaluru.

The company, which is yet to start shipping its intelligent electric scooter S340, has begun installation of connected charging stations across the city with 19 live charging points in 17 locations including malls, cafes, restaurants, tech parks, multiplexes and gyms. They cater to both two-and four-wheelers.

More centres planned

Thirty more charging points will be set up in the coming weeks and 60 charging points will be available in Bengaluru by the year-end. Ather has partnered with host locations, who have installed the charging points called Points pro-bono, on their premises to offer a convenient experience for all EV owners in the city. The company plans to launch AtherGrid and Ather Space in Chennai by the year-end, followed by Pune.

In order to increase adoption and improve EV ownership experience, AtherGrid and its accompanying app will be offered for free for the next six months to all electric vehicle owners. Using cloud connectivity, consumers can find the nearest point and navigate to the charging location using the app. Charging can be remotely monitored on the app, which has integrated payment options.

“EVs cannot become a viable alternative without making charging infrastructure available first. Range anxiety and the inconvenience associated with charging should not be a deterrent to adoption. AtherGrid is an important step towards increased adoption and acceptance of EVs, which will in the long run have a positive effect on the cost of the vehicles themselves,” said Tarun Mehta, co-founder and CEO, Ather Energy.

While he did not divulge when the S340 will be shipped and how much it will cost, Mehta said, “Points have been designed and manufactured in India keeping in mind the needs of the domestic power grid. With an IP55 rated body, it is safe to use in any weather.”

Its fast charging provides 80 per cent charge in 50 minutes. Safety features ensure that electricity is drawn only when connected to a vehicle and vehicles are protected from overcharging with auto power cut off. EVs will also be protected from undervoltage, overvoltage and overcurrent.


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