Published On:May 21 2013
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CIDCO propose to create a new township for person affected by Navi Mumbai airport project

Maharashtra Govt is propose to create a new township spread over 500 acres (200 hectares) that would be owned by project affected persons (PAPs) of Navi Mumbai International Airport.

The township would be a compensation to the PAPs for surrendering their land for the international airport. Every PAPs will be given back 22.5% of their total holding as developed land. This land will be provided with infrastructure such as roads, drains, open spaces, etc. and will be worth Rs 18-20 crore per hectare, said officials. This is in addition to a job, vocational training, stipend and other incentives. There are 1,200 families that own 651 hectares, which the government needs for the international airport. The PAPs have been demanding 35% of their land-holding back as compensation.

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