Published On:December 2 2023
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Vanta Bioscience Ltd Secures Order Valued at Rs. 57 Lakhs

Vanta Bioscience Ltd has successfully secured a significant order amounting to Rs. 57 Lakh from a renowned Singaporean company. The order entails the execution of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Studies, encompassing critical assessments such as the Bacterial Reverse Mutation assay, oral toxicity study, in vitro tests, and various other research studies.

The Company is set to conduct these comprehensive studies at its cutting-edge research facility located in Gummidipundi, Chennai. The anticipated turnaround time for the project is 26 weeks from the receipt of the requisite test items, with the possibility of extension as mutually agreed.

This substantial order serves as a noteworthy addition to Vanta Bioscience Ltd's existing impressive order book, which comprises multiple studies amounting to over Rs. 10 Crores. The company's commitment to excellence and rigorous research methodologies positions it as a trusted player in the industry.

Following the successful resolution of the company's proceedings and the reacquisition of absolute control by the promoters and directors, Vanta Bioscience has redirected its efforts towards the financial revitalization and overall enhancement of the company. With dedicated efforts and the unwavering support of the Vanta Bioscience family, its employees, and stakeholders, the company is optimistic about increasing its market share and profitability in the forthcoming financial years.

Having regained the confidence of long-term clients from India and abroad, the company is actively working towards reinstating existing relationships and acquiring new marquee clients for its order book. The strategic focus also extends to targeting international clients, particularly from Japan and Europe in the coming months. The company has successfully cleared audits conducted by various international entities, reinforcing its potential to generate revenue in the upcoming financial years.

This development serves as a positive stride for Vanta Bioscience Ltd and aligns with its vision to not only sustain but expand its presence in the industry, marking a promising trajectory for future growth and success.


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