Our approach to dissemination of business information is unique; we are just unique in 10 ways:

1.Synergy: Infobridge Information Services is unique of its kind that offers pre tender, tender and post tender information, which means complete tracking of business information under one roof.

2.Research Methodologies: Our research methods are unique and according to proven methods - We collect information thro four modes; Desk, Tele, Web and Field collected data are stored in relational database, which in turn help ensure researchers avoid duplication of Data, and then edited and disseminated thro online and print medium.

3.Real-time updates: Just real-time... When we say, our approach to business information dissemination is unique; it also means that we provide real-time information on new projects.

4.Coverage & Reach: We cover new projects (Greenfield) as well as expansion and modernisation projects. We cover projects that are above Rs. 10-million investments, and under various heads such as, Planning, Under Execution, Recently Commissioned and Hold/Abandoned. We provide upcoming projects information on about 25 different industrial sectors. We also cover some major upcoming projects in South Asian countries.

5.Subscription Fee: We charge different rates for different products and our rates are more reasonable than any other service providers.

6.We offer competitive price: We offer reasonably priced products and services because, ours is a lean organisation, yet backed-up with about 5 decades of industry research experience. We have our own centralised research and marketing team. We are ideally located in Mumbai and Bangalore amid pool of talents with low cost of living, including that of real estate and overhead costs. Our operational expenses are limited and therefore we have the ability to keep our subscription fee under control also mean passing on the benefits of low cost operations to our clients.

7.Client's Service: All our products are automated yet, we give human touch to our customer service. Though we update news and projects information six days a week, whereas, we provide 24x7, 365 days customer service. We resolve enquiries in less than one working day and can set-up your account in less than 30 minutes.. We are reliable and dependable.

8.Technology: Our online products are backed-up with leased server with 24x7 and 365 days accessibility. Our databases and websites software are in-built and fully integrated. Infobridge Information Services has complete control over the software and websites. The company has enough expertise to resolve any technological defaults as is backed-up with dedicated programmers.

9.Accuracy: We claim above 80 percent accuracy of information that we provide. Contact details are subject to change according to dynamics of human resource management of the company, as well as with progress in technology.

10.People: Success of any business, mostly rely on the faithfulness of its employees towards the organisation and its products and services. We have here a dedicated and competent team, most loyal to the organisation, the team firmly believes in the products and services it involved in, and it recreates things uniquely to serve our valued customers.

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